BLACK HAIR IS GOOD HAIR: Properly nourishing your kinks, coils, waves & curls.

Karima Abdur-Rahim

Posted on September 12 2019

BLACK HAIR IS GOOD HAIR: Properly nourishing your kinks, coils, waves & curls.


One of the biggest misconceptions society has about black hair is that it doesn’t grow, and because of its texture it’s not considered “good hair”. Our crowns have been disrespectfully labeled “nappy”, which has deterred young black girls (and women) from embracing their natural kinks and coils.

  • Fun Fact – On average, your hair grows 6 inches a year. BLACK HAIR DOES GROW!
  • Another fun fact - many people don’t retain hair length because they are not properly tending to their locks, aka not keeping their hair properly hydrated.

We’re in a time where hairstyles are more diverse than they’ve ever been, but whether you’re natural or not, keeping your hair moisturized and nourished is a major element in having healthy hair. And having healthy hair is the key to having good hair.

We put our hair through a lot, whether it’s: heat damage, chemical damage, scalp sensitivity due to over-styling, split ends, dehydration, etc., but we tend to forget that hair requires just as much nutrition as our skin. What makes it worse is that many moisturizers on the market today contain harmful additives, chemicals, and sulfates that are doing more harm than good on hair. We’ve been conditioned
to think that the more expensive a product the more of a “miracle worker” it must be, but that is not true at all.

ACAF’s Herbal Hair Care is a healthy all natural Shea butter based moisturizer that not only keeps hair hydrated, but it holds anti-inflammatory properties that tends to the scalp; it repairs, unclogs, and tightens hair follicles; it has multiple components that stimulate hair growth and re-growth of dormant hair follicles; it thickens hair while adding more shine; and it repairs and protects against heat damage. Our herbal hair care is great for all hair textures and can be used as an everyday moisturizer or even warmed up to be a hot oil treatment.

Whether your hair is long, short, natural, or not it is important to know how to properly tend to your kinks, coils, curls, and waves. No matter your hair goal health is the key foundation. If your hair seems “nappy” it’s just malnourished and needs a little TLC or some HHC (Herbal Hair Care).

Kings & Queens, it’s important that we tend to our crowns and our herbal hair care is here to help!

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