It's Like Gold to Our Melanated Skin

Karima Abdur-Rahim

Posted on July 10 2019

It's Like Gold to Our Melanated Skin
Black soap originally derives from the Ghana Region and is widely popular in & around West Africa. Recently African Black Soap has been gaining more and more notoriety, internationally, due to its “magical” healing properties and benefits.
Black soap is a gentle chemical-free soap that penetrates deep inside the skin and cleanses it within. This soap is full of natural essential oils that nourishes skin, making it great for all skin types. Regular use of African Black Soap can treat fine lines, skin blemishes, dark spots, & reduce acne scars. It is also known for removing make up, reducing wrinkles & stretch marks, and even soothing razor bumps.
You may be a little curious about what makes this soap so magical – and you should be!
 African Black Soap is made from dried plantain skins, palm leaves, cocoa pod powder, & kernel oil. This soap is a natural source of Vitamin A&E, iron, and is packed with many anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, & anti-bacterial properties.
The cocoa pod powder adds up to 621 antioxidants to this soap (which is way more than green tea & wine). Antioxidants increases our immune system, by damaging proteins in our skin that can be the leading cause to skin cancer.
I can personally attest that African Black Soap has changed my skin for the better and has done for me what no other product has ever offered, but I love it mostly because IT’S HEALTHY. Health is wealth, and African Black Soap is gold for our melanated skin. Protect your skin and increase your glow by trying ACAF’s traditional or liquid African Black Soap today.

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  • Zen : July 11, 2019

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