Black Soap Collection

Black Soap Collection

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All natural black soap made in Africa from dried plantain skins, palm leaves, cocoa pod powder, and kernel oil. This soap has a natural source of Vitamin A&E and iron. Black soap can be used on the hands, face, body and hair. This soap can be used on most skin types including rough, dry, oil or sensitive skin. It is good for clearing spots, acne, wrinkles, aging, removing makeup, oily skin and eczema.

The Black Soap collection consist of 1 one pound bar and 1 eight oz liquid Black Soap. 

Customer Reviews

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The LARGE bar (I actually cut up in 3 full bars) is great. The liquid soap is excellent as well. You can definitely tell it’s authentic, not the scented stuff you can get at Walmart or Target. It also cleans just as well, if not better than Dr Bronner’s, which is hard to find. I would rather buy a better quality soap to support my people so you will continue to get orders from me and my family and friends in Arizona and Cali!

Brion Cobb
Black soap liquid and whole

I love the product . It clears up my skin . I’m drinking the seamoss right now lol . All peace family

Jamaul Smith

Great stuff

Stacie Venable
Huge bar!

Ever since I tried black soap last year I’ve been hooked. The bar is HUGE and I slice it into 3 bars. It has helped fade some scars I’ve had from childhood on my legs!

Isaiah Wallace
Right on time.

I loved everything from the packaging to the free a slave inscense. I will be doing so much more business with y'all.